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Specific instructions for hard and soft surfaces and how to best apply the product.

I can't tell exactly where the urine odour is coming from.

OUR TIPS Our Urine Detector can help you find the urine stain that is the source of the urine odour, which can be hard to trace, especially if it's an old stain or if it's buried deep down.  The urineFREE Urine Detector includes a light which is

How to remove urine stains from hardwood floors?

OUR TIPS Follow these steps: 1. Spray affected areas with urineFREE. 2. Cover wet floor with plastic film or sheeting to slow evaporation. Hardwood flooring needs a longer time for effective results to take place. 3. Remove plastic after 30

Does urineFREE remove black stains on timber floorboards?

✅ Yes, you can remove black stains due to urine deposits on your hardwood floors. ⚫ Black staining on timber floors is usually due to urine accumulation and can be very difficult and tedious to dislodge. As you treat these stains with urineFREE, the

How to remove urine stains from a mattress?

OUR TIPS 1. Blot with paper towels to soak up excess urine on the mattress. 2. Saturate all urine-affected mattress with urineFREE. Ensure the surface is wet enough to allow urineFREE to soak deeply into affected areas. 3. Allow to air dry. The

How to remove urine odours from timber beneath carpet/flooring?

OUR TIPS Our urine detector can help you find the urine stain that is the source of the urine odour, which can be hard to trace, especially if it’s an old stain or if it’s buried deep down.   The urineFREE Urine Detector includes a light which is

How to remove urine stains from a suede or leather couch?

OUR TIPS Removing urine stains from your couch, whether leather or suede/microfibre, can be done using our enzymatic urine cleaner.As a water-based product, urineFREE should be milder on your couch fabric than the urine it is removing. However water

How to remove urine stains from upholstery and fabrics?

OUR TIPS We recommend a different course of action depending on whether the urine stains are old or new. 1. Blot with paper towels to soak up excess urine. 2. Saturate all urine-affected areas with urineFREE. Ensure the surface is wet enough to

How to remove urine odours from concrete, marble & unglazed ceramics?

OUR TIPS Concrete, marble and unglazed ceramics surfaces are porous, requiring liberal application of urineFREE with delayed evaporation.If the uric acid crystals in the urine have discoloured or edged the surfaces, this change is unfortunately

How to remove urine smells from bathrooms?

OUR TIPS Bathrooms typically comprise a combination of glazed and unglazed surfaces, such as porcelain toilet bowls over glazed tiles with porous grouting. These are subject to long-term build-up of uric acid crystals.urineFREE can eliminate the

How to remove urine from car seats?

OUR TIPS Whether going on holiday, or simply down to the local park with your dog or cat, they will most likely be stuck in the back seat of your car with nowhere appropriate to relieve themselves.Car seats are often made of foam and if pet (or

How to remove urine stains on clothing, towels & bedlinen?

OUR TIPS 1. Spray wet areas with urineFREE. 2. Place affected items in enclosed buckets or plastic bags for at least 1 hour prior to washing. For stubborn or old urine stains, leave overnight. This will allow urineFREE to work for longer while

Should I bring my urine stained clothes to the dry cleaners'?

OUR TIPS When it comes to preserving and extending the life of fabrics, clothes & furnishings, dry cleaning is definitely the way to go.   Dry cleaners have a reputation for being the stain removal masters, but most will tell you that when it comes

How to get rid of urine odours in urinals?

OUR TIPS Urine odours from urinals can come from two sources:  * The urine that misses the urinal & ends up on the floor, wall, grout, tiles and the surrounds of the porcelain or stainless steel bowl.  * The urine in the urinal bowl and uric acid

How to remove urine smells from a toilet cassette in a caravan?

OUR TIPS Assuming your toilet cassette has a ceramic bowl and a stainless steel cassette: * If your urine stain is in the bowl, you need to shut off the water and saturate with urineFREE. Let it air dry and flush, then see how much you got. Old

Why is the smell of cat urine so strong & how can I get rid of it?

OUR TIPS Cat urine odour comes from the uric acid crystals that forms three or more days after the cat urinates.“Cats [also] have much more concentrated urine than dogs,” veterinarian Dr.Justine Lee writes on her website (drjustinelee.com). “The

How should I use urineFREE for my puppy's toilet training?

OUR TIPS urineFREE is a great solution for puppy urine.By completely removing all traces of pet urine odours where your puppy has had an accident, you’ll find it easier to teach your dog to "go" outside.Read more about why dogs forget to use the

How to use urineFREE on cat/dog bedding & litter boxes?

OUR TIPS Litter boxes and bedding can absorb pet urine and produce odours no matter how often you wash them.  Instead, treatment with urineFREE can assist in an odour-free litter box.Simply empty the litter tray, wash and dry, spray all surfaces —

Do pheromone blockers prevent future soiling?

Pheromones are naturally produced, especially in cats, from the glands on the animal's muzzle and cheeks. Tiny amounts are secreted as the animal rubs against a leg of a chair or your legs. They do this when they feel calm and relaxed giving them a

How to remove urine smells from a heating ducted vent?

OUR TIPS If it is a urine odour and urineFREE can come into contact with the source of the odour, then urineFREE will remove it. You need to be very careful when applying any liquid with any of electrical appliance including a heater.  We don't

How to remove rat or possum urine odours in the roof?

OUR TIPS urineFREE will work on rat & possum urine, but part of the problem with rat or possum urine in the roof is that the urine odour has nowhere to escape.If the urine is in the roof, a confined space, we recommend, before using urineFREE, to

Why is the stain becoming larger, darker and the odour stronger?

⬆️ Often stains may become larger, darker and the odour stronger when they rise to the surface. This is the urine in the sublayers rising to the surface for further treatment and removal. 🧽 These stains can take 2-3 treatments with urineFREE and you