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Should I bring my urine stained clothes to the dry cleaners'?Updated 6 months ago

🙅‍♀️ No, you should not bring your urine stained clothes straight to the dry cleaners'. We strongly recommend to use a urine remover instead, or before you bring them in.

🤔 Why?

  • Chemical cleaning products (both household & professional) only encapsulate the uric acid crystals – leaving the stain & temporarily masking the odour. They also make it harder to probiotic urine removers like urineFREE to get to the issue.
  • Steam cleaning also presents problems as it can spread the urine crystal residue over a wider area.

🌟 Our tips

When it comes to preserving and extending the life of fabrics, clothes & furnishings, dry cleaning is definitely the way to go.

But when urine stains are present, we recommend using a probiotic urine remover first.

urineFREE's high quality bio-enzymatic formula eliminates all the urine components, including non water soluble uric acid crystals, removing both the urine stain AND the urine odour – for good.

urineFREE is water based so will do no more damage to fabrics than water would. Always check for colourfastness before use.

urineFREE contains no harsh and no bleaching ingredients, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

🔦 How to find 100% of the urine

Many urine stains are invisible to the naked eye, yet certainly not to the nose. However, the source of the smell can often be difficult to trace on fabrics.

Our Urine Detector solves this problem. Using LED light technology, similar to that used by Police Forensic Officers, the pocket size torch will fluoresce dried urine in a darkened room, making it easy to identify and treat the right area. 

Then, after treatment in accordance with the product directions, use urineFREE Urine Detector again to check that you have removed it all.

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