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Do pheromone blockers prevent future soiling?Updated 6 months ago

🐱 Pheromones are naturally produced, especially in cats, from the glands on the animal's muzzle and cheeks. Tiny amounts are secreted as the animal rubs against a leg of a chair or your legs. They do this when they feel calm and relaxed giving them a sense of wellbeing. Pheromones are also produced in animal urine. Pheromone odours cannot be detected by humans.

🚫 Some products state to be “pheromone blockers". They are synthetic pheromones meant to calm stressed out animals, either in spray bottles or plug-in devices allowing a continuous flow of pheromones into the air. 

⚠️ But the blocking of pheromones is not a deterrent. Pheromones are not a trigger for animal urination. Future soiling is more likely to be eliminated by removing the urine odour, especially the ammonia smell. 

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