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How to remove rat or possum urine odours in the roof?Updated 6 months ago

⚠️ Restricted airflow: part of the problem with rat or possum urine in the roof is that the urine odour has nowhere to escape. If you use urineFREE in a ventilated room, the fragrance will drift off in 5 to 10 minutes. Confined spaces have restricted airflow so it is very important to ventilate this space before treatment as instructed.  

🌬️ If the urine is in the roof, a confined space, we recommend, before using urineFREE, to ventilate the roof: 
  • If there is a window, open it. 
  • If you can remove a couple of roof tiles, do so. 
  • If you can, also use a small fan to circulate the air.
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