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How to remove urine stains from a suede or leather couch?Updated 5 months ago

⚠️ Caution: applying a water based product like urineFREE on leather or suede needs to be done with care.

💦 Yes, you can remove urine stains from your leather or suede/microfibre couch using our probiotic urine remover. As a water-based product, urineFREE should be milder on your couch fabric than the urine it is removing. 

🛋️ However water is no friend of suede or leather:

  • Leather: water can stain, fade, peel or crack leather, particularly if the leather is of a lower quality.
  • Suede/microfibre: water can leave water stains. Most suede cleaners recommend a dry solution such as erasers, dry towels and suede degreasers, but these methods may not work on urine stains and odours.

If the urine odour and stain cannot be removed by these methods, then urineFREE may be the solution.

🧽 How to apply:

  1. Test the suede or leather for colourfastness in an inconspicuous place. Some dyes run when in contact with water.
  2. Apply urineFREE using the light spray, as opposed to stream. urineFREE must make contact with all the urine to be 100% successful so it must have access to where the urine has gone.
  3. Let air dry.
  4. Take a damp cloth and wipe away the sticky residue as it will attract dirt. Once dry, fluff up the suede with a dry towel.
  5. More than one application may be required depending on the stain. 
  6. Bonus step: protect your couch from future stains with a non-toxic fabric protector.

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