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Is urineFREE a repellent?Updated 6 months ago

😝 TLDR (too long, didn't read); no.

😺 urineFREE is a urine removal product, not a deterrent and will not directly repel your pet from remarking the same spot. However, as a urine odour remover, if the residual odour is what is attracting your pet to the area, urineFREE will help reducing the risk of them urinating again in the area.

Our tips to prevent remarking:

💧 Use a non toxic fabric protector to stain proof your home, such as protectME, our sister company.

😋 Try placing your pet's feeding bowl in the area. This may keep your dog or cat from urinating in the area, as pets don't like urinating where they eat. 

☁️ Cover the area with some pre-crumpled aluminium foil (with holes for evaporation).

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