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BackyardFRESH or urineFREE: which one do I use?Updated 6 months ago

Do you need to treat urine odours in your outdoor areas (synthetic grass, outdoor furniture, bins and enclosures, etc), but you're not sure what products to use?

Here is what we recommend:

🌟 Use urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner, our probiotic urine remover specifically formulated to treat synthetic grass. 

🌱 For areas frequently visited by your pets, you can also use BackyardFRESH to provide temporary relief in between urineFREE treatments and reduce your ongoing maintenance costs. 

What is the difference:

  • urineFREE is a urine remover and will remove urine deposits permanently (or until the area is visited again)
  • BackyardFRESH is an odour eliminator and whilst it is long lasting, the urine odour will return if the deposit has not been removed.

Keeping the cost down

Maintaining synthetic grass can become a costly exercise, depending on how many pets you have and how often they visit the area. It is not always necessary to make sure the urine deposit is removed because many pets will frequently visit your garden beds, synthetic grass / artificial turf or their favourite spot.

That’s why BackyardFRESH is a great, cost effective alternative to the urineFREE range when treating urine odours outside on commonly used areas including fake grass. BackyardFRESH will give you long lasting relief, not only of urine odours but other pet & outside odours at a great price. 

We recommend urineFREE outside when treating urine odours & stains on balconies, wood work or garden furniture and anywhere you want to permanently remove the urine odour & stain for good.

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