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urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner

Our newest addition: same great probiotic urine cleaner, specifically formulated for your synthetic grass areas.

Why is urineFREE better?

🙅‍♀️ Most brands of synthetic grass urine removers contain only a surface cleaning agent, which will temporarily mask the urine smell, but not remove it entirely. 💪 urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner is a high quality probiotic (or bio-enzymatic, m

How often do I need to apply urineFREE?

How often you need to apply the solution will really depend on different factors such as; the heat and humidity (which will worsen the smell of pet urine), how many pets are soiling the artificial turf or even the quality of your synthetic grass

Why do I need a special product to remove urine smells from synthetic grass?

🌱 When synthetic grass has been urinated on, it is very likely that the urine run-off has seeped through the grass, into the rock and sand base and will remain there. When urine dries it crystalises and it is these uric acid crystals that are diffic

Does urineFREE disinfect artificial grass?

OUR TIPS urineFREE does not disinfect artificial grass because a disinfectant is a chemical substance used to destroy microorganisms. Our product is non-toxic and contains active, but friendly bacteria (which are microorganisms) that release enzymes

What is the difference between urineFREE Household & Pet and Artificial Grass Cleaner?

urineFREE Household & Pet is specifically designed to use on household items such as upholstery, carpet, fabric, mattresses and other surfaces. Whereas the formula of urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner is designed for outdoor use on synthetic grass

Can I use BackyardFRESH with urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner?

You can still use Backyard FRESH in between urineFREE treatments for affordable long term relief of urine odours & urine deposit build ups underneath your synthetic grass.One of the benefits of using the urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner 'Ready to

How do I apply urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner?

🤓 Before applying urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner, read our “Prior to application” instructions to ensure your surface is prepared as best possible. 👀 For more details, read the How to use page. 🤔 For instructions on how to use our other produc

How do you rinse after applying the Artificial Grass Cleaner?

OUR TIP After the first application, allow to air dry, then hose down the grass to remove the residue from the biological activity. You can simply use a garden hose or a garden pump filled with water.For full instructions, visit ‘How to use the

Can I use a garden pump to apply urineFREE?

OUR TIPS Yes, we recommend using our Battery Sprayer or a garden pump action pressure sprayer to apply the urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner. If using a pump action pressure sprayer previously used for other products, please ensure it does not

Is urineFREE harmful to aquatic life?

OUR TIPS All our urineFREE products are environmentally friendly and will not harm aquatic life. Our products are non-toxic, and safe to use around your family and pets. They are also eco-friendly, septic tank safe, PH neutral and won’t hurt the

Is urineFREE harmful to plants in the garden?

OUR TIPS All our urineFREE products are environmentally friendly and will not harm other plants in the garden. Whilst urineFREE removes and destroys the urine and its components from the surfaces you are treating, it is not a repellent. If you have

Does the grass need to be dry to apply urineFREE?

✅ Yes we recommend applying the urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner on dry turf. 🌧️ Do not treat the lawn during rainy days as it will dilute the solution and reduce its effectiveness. 🌝 It is best to apply the solution in the evening when the sun i

When is the best time to apply the Artificial Grass Cleaner?

OUR TIPS It is best to apply the urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaning solution in the evening when the sun is down.Do not treat the lawn on hot days as this will cause urineFREE to dry too quickly, reducing its effectiveness.Once applied, you can

Is it safe for my dog to walk on straight after treating with urineFREE?

OUR TIPS Yes it is completely safe for your dog to walk straight after treating with any of our urineFREE products. Because we care about the environment and your health, our products are non-toxic and safe to use around your family and pets. They

What surfaces can I use the Artificial Grass Cleaner on?

🌱 urineFREE Artificial Grass Cleaner is a urine odour remover that can be used on synthetic grass. 🐶 It permanently removes all urine odours, whether dog urine, cat urine, or other pet urine. 🏠 For indoor use, we recommend using our Household and

Does the Artificial Grass Cleaner have a fragrance?

🌱 urineFREE contains a mild freshly cut grass fragrance to provide immediate relief from urine odours whilst the probiotic formula (hello, good bacteria!) works to breakdown and consume the uric acid (source of odour). Shop urineFREE Artificial Gras

Is urineFREE a repellent?

😝 TLDR (too long, didn't read); no. 🐶 urineFREE is a urine removal product, not a deterrent and will not directly repel your pet from remarking the same spot. However, as a urine odour remover, if the residual odour is what is attracting your pet t