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How much do I need to apply?Updated 6 months ago

🔎 The amount of urineFREE you are going to need depends on 3 factors:

  1. The amount of urine that has been deposited, 
  2. If it has accumulated over time,
  3. The porosity of the surface.

🐶 For example one dog, depending on its size, can urinate anywhere between 200ml and 2 litres each day.  

😝 Therefore we cannot recommend an exact quantity as every case is different. The more urine you have, the more urineFREE you will need to eliminate the urine for good.

Troubleshooting tips for lingering smells

  • Rinse out any other products you have used before as they could make it difficult for urineFREE to do its job
  • Use a urine detector to make sure you have treated the whole area
  • Repeat applications may be necessary for larger or old deposits
  • If treating carpet, try treating the underlay and read our Carpets FAQs
  • If your pets keep revisiting the area and adding new deposits, treat weekly

👀 Read our How to use page for more details.

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