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How do I apply urineFREE?Updated 6 months ago

🤓 Before applying urineFREE, read our “Prior to application” instructions to ensure your surface is prepared as best possible. 

  • Rinse out previous detergents
  • Check for colourfastness
  • Locate stains with our detector

🔎 Search your surface type in our Help Centre or check our 'How to' Category for specific instructions on each surface type (old or new stain, carpet, timber floors, etc).

How to apply urineFREE

  1. Shake well before use and do not dilute the product.
  2. Ensure padding and sub-surfaces are soaked with urineFREE where affected. urineFREE must come into contact with all the urine to do its job. Different surfaces may require more or less product depending on porousness or absorbency rate.
  3. urineFREE is not a spray and wipe product and requires dwell time to do its job. Allow the area to stay wet with urineFREE as long as possible. Plastic wrap may assist where high evaporation is occurring, for example where hot sun is shining through a window onto an affected area.
  4. Repeat applications may be necessary, especially on older urine stains. The sniff test will tell you when you’re done!
  5. Occasionally, a stain may intensify during the treatment process. This indicates urine rising to the surface. It will disappear with repeat treatments.

👀 For more details, read our how to use urineFREE guide. 

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