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3 tips to get the best results with urineFREEUpdated 6 months ago

🙅‍♀️ Remove any chemical cleaning products

  • Never use chemical-based cleaners or deodorisers when treating urine stains. These coat & encapsulate the urine acid crystals making it difficult for urineFREE to penetrate.
  • If other products have been used prior to urineFREE, sponge out as much of the previous products as possible with clean water, air dry and then apply urineFREE.

💧Use enough product for the job

  • Make sure you have enough urineFREE to do the job. If the urine stain is made by an animal and it has repeatedly returned to the same spot there could be a large accumulation of urine. urineFREE must come into contact with all the urine to do its job.

⏱️ Wait — Don't rinse right away

urineFREE is not a spray and wipe product and requires dwell time to do its job.

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